Challenges for FinHACK

Chat Bot
AI, ChatBots
Natural Language Processing
Design unique conversation scenarios
and analyze interaction.
Machine Learning
Learn from examples from past conversations
to endlessly improve user experience.
Seamless integrations across different
messaging platforms.
High Performance
No more typos or missing information.Your bot
can deliver the message just right every time.
Comminication Available 24/7
Robots do not take breaks (normally) ! Customers
can talk with your chatbots anytime.
Chat Bot
High Quality Data
Data is complete, consistent, accurate and timely.
Quick Transaction
Transactions take only seconds to process with
blockchain and the transaction is available 24/7.
Changes to public blockchains are viewable by all
stakeholders, all transactions cannot be deleted or changed.
Shared Control
All transactions are shareable and authorized.
Chat Bot
Big Data
Accurate analytics
Create a more comprehensive view of your data.
Risk management
Detect fraud and help raise the security
standard of your business
Personalized product offering
Segment your customers and deliver products
that suit your customers
Actionable insights
Using accurate analysis to transform your
data into data solution.
Regulatory compliance
Use big data to gather and analyze data,
transform data to reports and comply with requirements.

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